Daniella Moné Photography | Squarespace Website Design

I seriously cannot wait for you all to meet Daniella Moné from Daniella Moné Photography.

Daniella and I met on a Facebook group where she chimed in to another creative's question about their Squarespace website. After she and I connected from that thread, we were literally on the phone 10 minutes later. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say I could literally feel the smile and optimism from Daniella right through the phone. When I got off the phone with her, I was smiling and felt so uplifted to hear someone who was so positive and in LOVE with what she does everyday for her clients. I could hear the passion she had for her work in every single word she said.

Daniella and I initially worked together on one of her projects for her business (stay tuned for more about that!) and, in this case, we decided it was time for her main website to receive a bit of a makeover. We worked closely together on the design of the website, while Daniella also worked with the incredible Shannon Guild at Papermoon Creatives to update the copy of her website. Her new website copy not only accurately reflects the services that Daniella provides, but it articulates and explains things that truly make you feel like you're already one of Daniella's incredible clients.

One HUGE accomplishment Daniella made that sets her business apart is the branding video that is now on her 'Services' page. You have to see just how incredible this process is to work with her. Absolutely gorgeous on so many levels.



  • Template Chosen:  Mojave
  • Why This Template:  We LOVED the way that this template would help display Daniella's portfolio in unique and elegant ways. One of those ways is the 'parallax' scrolling effect that happens as you scroll. You'll notice the beautiful images elegantly disappear behind the content as you scroll. This is perfect for the gorgeous work that Daniella's portfolio displays.
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! Just a few effects to polish things up a notch. ;)
  • Fonts Chosen:  Sorts Mills Goudy, Aktiv Grotesk, Futura PT

Daniella - It was SUCH a pleasure working with you and watching your portfolio expand over the last few weeks. Your talent is remarkable and the service you provide to your clients is incredible. If I ever make my way to NYC, you better believe I'll be visiting you!

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