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It's FINALLY time to show off the BEAUTIFUL stationery, calligraphy and lettering website of the incredible Jessica Smith. If you don't know Jess, GO to her website to get to know her! Her stationery design and calligraphy work is breathtaking. She's also giving away $100 off a website package with me AND a Starbucks gift card. C'mon... it doesn't get much better than that!

Jess and I have actually been talking and networking for awhile now, even before we started talking about the re-design of her website. She's been not only a mentor to me to bounce ideas off of when they come to my crazy head, but a true friend that I cannot wait to meet in person one day. One day SOON!

I cannot be more excited to finally show off this website to the world. Here it is!:



  • Template Chosen:  Julia
  • Why This Template:  The minimal look that the Julia template provided was perfect for the layout that I sketched out for Jess' site. The Julia template is actually one of the child templates of Montauk. No differences in features!
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! On the home page, we input some custom CSS code to make the transition of the feature images a bit more gradual and elegant. We also put in some custom code to the "FAQS" and "Consultation Process" pages under the 'Contact' menu. Check out how easy it is to find the answers you'll need!
  • Fonts Chosen:  Sorts Mills Goudy, Palatino, and Poem Script

Jess also put together an incredible launch contest to allow someone to win a $25 gift card AND $100 a website package with me! Head over to her blog and enter the contest at the bottom of the post!

Congratulations, Jess! <3

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