Captured Elegance Design is LIVE + LAUNCHED on Squarespace!

It's time to show off a personal project that I've been working on for the last few months with my best friend of 15 years, Megan Schuett of Megan Schuett Photography!

Megan is an incredible photographer here in Northeast Ohio. As she started working on the "business" side of her business, she needed something to show off her beautiful portfolio to her clients. Something to take her portfolio to the next level. Something that made her stand out from other photographers in the Cleveland area.

Megan immediately went on Etsy and downloaded a template of a magazine to provide her customers. She could print it and hand it to customers... it sounded perfect! Until she realized that her magazine would be the exact same as so many other people that downloaded that same template. It didn't feel like it was her brand. It felt like she had to morph her brand to fit the template. Oh... and it took FOREVER to put together, even for a technical gal like Meg.

Introducing... Captured Elegance Design. Megan and I have partnered to work one-on-one with creative business owners to design custom welcome magazines that are specifically branded to their business. No more downloading templates and sitting for hours trying to figure out what to add in to each page. No more putting things off until your off-season. We will take care of the entire design for you. Simply provide us with copy and images!

Now, to the website design for this biz. If you've ever been faced with designing your own website or branding materials, you know that it is TOUGH to design something for yourself. Even if you define everything by the book for your brand, getting it to look perfect when designing for your own personal project can be tough. Megan and I went back and forth on the brand and website design a few times, before finally falling in love with the brand and website. We had the incredible Kelsey from Honey Side Up Creative design our logo, which we LOVE. We even purchased some stock images from Haute Chocolate to help us out from a social media perspective, too! 


  • Template Chosen:  Five
  • Why This Template:  This is one of the most flexible templates Squarespace has to offer. Sidebars, top banners, and lots of small things we really liked about it right out of the box. 
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! We added lines for the navigation to make it stand out and also added a few pieces of CSS to help mobile look top notch!
  • Fonts Chosen:  Poppins (LOVE this font!), Raleway

I'm so excited for this website AND for this business! Working with my best friend has been a literal dream come true. We're excited to give creatives an opportunity to have another way to set themselves apart!

Head on over to Captured Elegance and check out the website to see if we're a fit for you! If you inquire this week, I'll take $100 off your magazine order!

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