Amanda Estep Photography is LIVE + LAUNCHED on Squarespace!

I've never had a website design experience like I had with Amanda from Amanda Estep Photography. When she initially contacted me, she was referred to me by another FABULOUS client, Beth Escudero from Beth Escudero Photography. 

From her initial contact form from my website, I could feel this instant connection to this girl. I found that she was a fellow Buckeye (O-H!) and she was a bit nervous to go through the whole "trusting someone with your business" thing. Heck, who isn't afraid of that!?

Amanda was looking to take her light and airy website in a new direction. One that felt more like home. One that represented her truly. She wanted to feel proud to show off her website and portfolio. She needed an online "home" for everything that gave the feel of their beautiful farm in Central Ohio -- including their chickens! ;)

Amanda and I shared many personal emails giving virtual hugs which just wasn't good enough for either of us. We both conquered our fears and met a fellow business owner IN PERSON for the first time, leading to the giant hug that we both needed from the day we virtually met!  I finally met my first website design customer in person! 

We're so lucky that Amanda lives only 2 1/2 hours from me here in Cleveland! Not only did I get one of her incredible hugs, I got to meet her family and she got to meet mine. She gifted us with the most beautiful photoshoot... and more importantly, time and happiness shared with her and her family.


  • Website: Amanda Estep Photography
  • Template Chosen:  Pacific
  • Why This Template:  I LOVE this template. I always have. Before I re-launched Home Sweet Hyatt Studios, I had it on Pacific! I love the capabilities of the large slideshow galleries and not a ton of padding on the pages. I knew Amanda wanted her work shown off in a bold, beautiful way. I mean, look at her portfolio... it NEEDS to be shown off! It's gorgeous!
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! We added a background to the top header and bottom footer of a chalkboard background. I also adjusted the header to better fit with the layout design we went for!
  • Fonts Chosen:  Raleway is the winner!

Amanda - I can truly say that I've never, ever encountered such a beautiful and more selfless person in my years of website design. You are truly a gift to the people of Columbus and I'm SO excited to watch your business flourish. Your work is gorgeous and I'm SO excited to "be" a part of your portfolio! I cannot WAIT for our next get together because it WILL happen. We miss you already! <3 Love you to the moon and back!

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