Squarespace Announces Paypal Beta Launch!

It's like Christmas morning for shop owners and Squarespace website designers!

Squarespace has officially announced their beta launch and partnership with PayPal! If you're selling any products on your Squarespace website, you now have the option of offering PayPal as a method of payment during checkout.

PayPal is best known for being secure and trusted, as they've been in business since 1998. Many online storefronts, including eBay and Etsy, offer PayPal as a secured way to make payments. 

When I first opened the email from my Squarespace insiders group announcing this was coming, my jaw about hit the floor. I couldn't say anything publicly when I found out, but I knew this would be like an early Christmas present to shop owners looking to have products on their Squarespace website. I can't tell you how many business owners have told me their hesitation of moving their Etsy shop to Squarespace, simply because of Squarespace not allowing for PayPal payments from their customers. Needless to say, I've seen SO many exciting posts from these business owners this week! 

Here's the official announcement from Squarespace, describing their partnership with PayPal and the beta launch details. Keep in mind, you will need a PayPal Business Account in order to participate in this beta launch.

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