Kara Evans is LIVE + LAUNCHED on Squarespace!

You've probably read a million articles about finding your perfect customer. Sure, there are sometimes statistics that go along with that "perfect customer profile" - age range, location, core values, likes/dislikes, and everything in-between.

For me, my ideal customer profile consists of someone who interacts with me and makes my heart warm. Someone who can make me laugh out loud with their one liners and incredible stories. Someone who appreciates and values my work, as much as I appreciate and value them. That person makes me smile from ear to ear just by seeing a new email from them in my inbox. 

When the first email after a website inquiry included a photo of the sweetest little pup named Georgie, I knew that this particular client was the perfect match for me.

If you're in the Illinois area (or even if you're not!) and you're looking to work with the nicest, warmest, and most gracious photographer on the planet, you need to go find Kara Evans. She is a military spouse who is the definition of love. Her demeanor, her smile, and her love for her work can be seen from across the room. Her customers adore her and I cannot imagine how lucky they must feel to work with her. I know that Kelsey and I felt truly blessed to create her a beautiful brand and an incredibly fun website.

Speaking of Kelsey, let's cue in her incredibleness! If you weren't already aware, Kelsey and I team up to provide a branding and website package called Home Sweet Honey. She kicks butt at branding and I take care of all the ins and outs of the website. 

Kelsey and I hopped on the phone with Kara and we were instantly in love. Kara shared with us a few stories about how she became a photographer, why she became a photographer, and how she got to this point in business in her young life. It helped us to understand and tap more into her brand to really showcase her personality and make her customers feel her virtual hugs before they meet!

The feedback process with Kara was nothing short of perfect. She was prompt in her email responses, very detailed in her feedback, and she wouldn't let me work on Thanksgiving! Who gives designers vacation days!? Kara does. Thanks, Kara.... my extra pound of oreo cream pie thanks you, too! ;)

Without further ado, here are all the fun details around Kara's new Squarespace website. I'm SO in love.


  • WebsiteKara Evans Photographer
  • Template Chosen:  Native
  • Why This Template:  Here's a confession:  I've never worked with this template before. Was I scared!? Heck no. Luckily, no matter which template is chosen, Squarespace offers the same core functionality. I knew that this was going to be similar to the layout that we had mapped out structurally. It was a great use of the base template, but mixed with tons of additional design features and custom coding to knock it out of the park.
  • CSS Coding:  Holy guacamole, yes! This site is so unique and I LOVE it. We have custom fonts installed for the navigation and headers, backgrounds on the header and footer, the lines surrounding the navigation AND the testimonial scrolls. Phew! I love it.
  • Fonts Chosen:  Derivia, Bougenville, and King's Caslon. Three fonts that I've never used before in a site design!

Kara - What can I say, other than thank you? Truly and sincerely. Thank you. You were such a breath of fresh air for Kelsey and I to work with and you were such a blessing for both of us during our work together. Kelsey and I love collaborating on projects and you are the new queen of the Home Sweet Honey world! We love you! <3

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