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One of the best things about working at my 9-5 gig was that it was full of incredible employees that have big plans for themselves. One of those employees is Mary Jo Nerici!

Mary Jo came to me a few months ago when she heard a bit about the launch of Home Sweet Hyatt Studios. She explained her passion for making people's lives easier by creating a better use of their current space and showing them all the possibilities - and on a budget!

Mary Jo, with the help of her wonderful husband and beautiful three daughters, officially launched Recre8 Your Space: Your partner in recreating and planning life's most memorable spaces & moments!

Recre8 Your Space was in need of a website and other marketing materials to get it up and running. With Mary Jo's business taking her in front of people each and every day, having a website and business cards were a must. 

But, not just any website. Mary Jo expressed her need for a website that would be easy to maintain and to add blog posts to document her customer experience. When I sat down with her and talked to her about Squarespace, she fell in love.

Mary Jo has already added a few blog posts to her website and is loving how easy it is to maintain. She can easily add in additional photos to her portfolio, add new services for her customers, and show Cleveland that SHE is the person to go to for all interior design and event coordinating needs.

Mary Jo - Thank you for the opportunity to create your beautiful brand and website. You're well on your way to show your three wonderful daughters what it truly means to live the life you love. This is your passion. This is your dream. Do it. You deserve it.

xoxo, Britt

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