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It's the OFFICIAL LAUNCH DAY of Lynn Rose Photography's new website! 

One of the toughest parts that many creative business owners have with managing their business is letting anyone else "in" to assist with their business. I'm the same way, where outsourcing ANYTHING is REALLY difficult for me. You not only have to love what that person has done in the past for their portfolio, but you have to trust them to take care of your business.

Meet Evelyn and her GORGEOUS portfolio. I had the opportunity to talk to Evelyn a few months ago about her website and she was very nervous to make the move to Squarespace. She was used to Zenfolio and that's where her customer photos were housed - so why make the change? After I explored the possibilities, or lack thereof, with Zenfolio, Evelyn was READY to make the leap! Bring on the Squarespace fun!

When I say Evelyn has a gorgeous portfolio.... I can't even put it in to words. She would send me photos for the pages on her site and there would be times my jaw would drop. Take a look for yourself! I'm definitely trying to figure out a way to make a roadtrip to PA for a session with her.  ;)

Evelyn - I cannot thank you enough for trusting me with your business and allowing me to design your website. Your work is breathtaking and I cannot WAIT to see more as you add to it.

xoxo - Britt

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