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This feature is a LONG TIME COMING. Literally, like half a year.

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Everyone always told me that one of the toughest struggles of going from working a 9-5 to working as a solopreneur is the fact that I would be alone. By myself. Nobody to talk to. Working from home would drive me crazy.

Cue in the fabulous Kelsey Christine of Honey Side Up Creative.

Kelsey and I met when I posted in The Rising Tide Society last August. The group was around 2,000 members (now it's over 24K!) and I was looking for someone to help me brand up my business. THIS business. I didn't even KNOW where to begin. 

After all, I did website design. I knew nothing other than how to DESIGN WEBSITES.

Kelsey reached out to me after seeing my post and offered to assist me with my brand. I shared with her about being stuck in my 9-5 gig and feeling overwhelmed with EVERYTHING that came with launching a new business. And I felt alone. So alone. 

Kelsey worked 1:1 with me to help me launch (AND NAME) Home Sweet Hyatt Studios. I remember tears in my eyes the day that her and I literally thought of the same name, at the same time, within minutes of each other.

That's when I knew. She would become my partner-in-design. She not only has become a fabulous person to network with, but she's become one of my best friends. In all definitions of both words.

And, bonus points, she loves The Backstreet Boys. We spent an hour one Friday morning just going through and laughing until we were crying at watching old videos on YouTube.

Kelsey allowed me the honor to design her website in return for her launching my brand. We talked about Squarespace and I told her all the benefits of it: Easy to maintain, very flexible interface, mobile-responsive, and EASY to blog! Oh, and not too shabby from a pricing perspective for a new business owner. Kelsey also mentioned that over the next few months, she was looking to sell products on her website, too.

Yep, it could handle that, too. She was sold. 

As we worked together, learned more about each other and our businesses, we realized that we were a match made in the world of design. We knew that we had to find ways to work with each other to take BOTH of our businesses to the next level. #communityovercompetition 

Kelsey and I both offer packages on our website so YOU can share in the fabulous feels of design work we've done for each other. In this package, called Home Sweet Honey, you get the full package of branding + logo design with Kelsey (AND MORE) and an awesome Squarespace website from yours truly!

To my favorite partner-in-design, Kelsey:  Thank you for pushing me to leave my 9-5 gig. Thank you for making me laugh on days that I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. Thank you for making this journey not feel 'lonely'. Thank you for giving me a fabulous best friend in California. Thank you for being you and for making me a better person for knowing you. 

xoxo, Britt

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