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The last few years I've had so many awesome coincidences happen on my birthday. In 2012, I was 34 weeks pregnant with Justin and we bought a house on my birthday. In 2014, my 9-5 gig asked me just a few days before my birthday if I'd be able to accompany one of my co-workers on her trip to Vegas on my birthday.

In 2016, my birthday gift was the website design for Kim + Kelley Photography.

Kim reached out to me back on May 6th and absolutely melted my heart by her compliments of my work. She knew that I was the person that needed to bring her brand to life. I could tell just by our Facebook messages and emails that not only was she a hard-working business owner, but she simply kicked ass at life. She had such a positive attitude and you could feel her smile through each and every word she wrote.

Today, I'm SO excited to present the new website for Kim + Kelley Photography. They're sisters and you have GOT to read the incredible happenings in their lives. Their business has transformed from a hobby, to a beautiful passion that reflects their dreams and brings them joy. If you're lucky enough to talk to or work with these two beauties, I guarantee you that you will leave with a smile from ear to ear. 

It's such a beautiful thing to watch Kim and Kelley expand their relationship as sisters - into business owners that truly have a gift and an eye for what they do. And, I couldn't tell you how many times Kim left me an email that brought joyful tears to my eyes.

If you're in or near the Everett, Washington area, do yourself a favor and seek them for a shoot. If you're not, find them and follow them on social media. Send them an email. Network with them. With their incredible talent and positive attitudes, you won't regret a minute of conversation!

Oh, and their website URL is YOU CANNOT GET BETTER THAN THAT.  ;)

Don't leave me, Kim! ;) Can we just conquer the photography + web design worlds from east coast to west coast?!

xoxo, Britt

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