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In honor of "#tbt" ('throwback Thursday' for all of you un-hip folks, like myself!) I'm sharing one of my favorite website projects that I've had the opportunity to design since launching Home Sweet Hyatt Studios!

Let me introduce you to one of the sweetest, most compassionate people I've "met", so far, in this wonderful world of entrepreneurship. Her name is Flavi Huff and she an Indianapolis based photographer specializing in senior, wedding & portrait photography.

She is also one of my many customers that I wish I could give a giant hug to. :)

Flavi approached me for her website design and was very nervous. She had a site that she didn't love and she told me that she was NOT tech-savvy - and that's what made her so anxious to change to a new platform!  She needed a way where she could easily go in, add in new photo galleries, swap out photos, and showcase her portfolio with large images in a way that would take her customers' breath away.

We accomplished just that.

When moving Flavi to Squarespace, we talked about the workflow of her website which is SO important. You always, always, always want to make sure your customers never have to search for information on your website. She wanted people to access the part of the site they wanted to access the second they landed on her page. We incorporated a landing page to allow her customers to click into wherever they wanted to go on the website; without overwhelming them! Pretty cool, right?

When working with Flavi, I learned all about her, her family, and we even shared stories of when we became moms and the struggles we both faced. Last week, Flavi shared the news with me that they're expecting a new little one in to their family in January! This little boy has no idea how lucky he is to experience the love that Flavi has for her family. I even got a chance to get voice messages from Flavi via Facebook with her little girls in the background! <3 That little boy is going to be SO loved.

The best part of my job is learning about lives of creatives who are starting or expanding their business and have such a passion for the work they do. Getting to work with Flavi was such a blessing and I'm SO excited to see what her business has to come!

Visit Flavi's website here!

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