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No matter how many times I've seen the photo in this screen capture of these two brothers, I cannot get over how absolutely ADORABLE they are.

Jessica reached out to me in early July and she said she was embarrassed to even show me her current Squarespace website. Little did she know, I designed websites dating back in the early 2000's and still have SUPER embarrassing sites to show for it. We won't get into that! ;)

I knew Jessica was my perfect customer from the minute I received her email. She was ready to launch her photography business but she just didn't love her website. She knew she needed some expertise not only from a design perspective, but from an SEO perspective. She was overwhelmed. She was struggling to have people find her, and even if she gave them her site, she wasn't excited to give them the link!

Jessica and I took a step back and talked about the best way for her customers to land on her site and exactly what she wanted them to do on the site. Easy, intuitive navigation. Very clean and for her customers to be able to see things without constantly scrolling. A beautiful way for her customers to see her portfolio of work that DESERVED to be shown off in a beautiful way. (Seriously, go look at her portfolio... it's beautiful.)

This site goes down as one of my favorites because it's full of simple graphics that really play well into Jessica's branding and also helps to make sure things stay clean - but full of style.

Thank you for allowing me to design your site, Jessica! And, I'm extremely jealous that your goldendoodle gives giant hugs. (Go check out Jessica's 'About' page to see this sweet pup named WAFFLES. Stop it. He's perfect.)

Here it is, folks! Enjoy! ->

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