How to Display Your Blogs as Thumbnails in Squarespace

If you're a photographer and you have your blog showing all your blog posts, listen up. Having your blog structured this way can take a huge amount of time for your site to load for your customer and also take a hit on your SEO. 

On Squarespace, simply follow these five steps to make your blog page easier to digest for your customers. And for Google.

You should follow these steps if by clicking on 'Blog', it takes you to tons of recent blog posts, in full, with all your photos. Keep this little trick in your back pocket to allow your customers a better experience when exploring your blog.

Here's what you're going to do!

  1.  Create a new page (not a blog page)
  2.  Click to edit your page content
  3.  Add in a 'Summary' block (my favorites are Carousel and Grid)
  4.  Click 'Blog' as the collection to feature
  5.  Change the display settings, as you'd like!

Pretty easy, right? If you prefer more of a visual of things, take a look at the video below that I created to walk you through this process!

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