3 Things You Can Do TODAY To Pump Up Your SEO

You've probably read 10,000 articles about how to get your site to be number one when searching on Google. Or, maybe you have no idea what SEO is! No matter where you're at on the SEO scale of confusion (we're all there!), I'm here to give you bits and pieces of helpful information that you can do TODAY to improve your site's visibility on search engines!

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. You've probably used Google a million times. When you type in keywords to Google, it searches its massive database of websites to return websites that are relevant, up-to-date and "the best of the best" in SEO-land.

Are there magical steps you can follow once and only once to stay at the top of Google? No. Unfortunately, it's a constant changing of algorithms and it does take some upkeep! Think of your website as your home. If you don't stay on top of cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, eventually, things will get pretty gross, pretty fast.

But, I'm here to tell you that there ARE some easy steps you can follow to help boost your SEO over time. No matter what changes you make, there are no immediate changes to rankings. It takes time and work to keep it going strong (which is exactly why SEO experts and strategists exist and are INCREDIBLE at what they do!)

The three items we're going to talk about today have to do with a HUGE SEO factor:  content.

Google even says themselves that creating incredible and useful content will influence your SEO more than ANY other of the factors going into SEO. 

Here are three things you can do TODAY to help boost your SEO from your website content.

#1 | Keyword Review

Do a review of all your content - especially on your homepage. Are you using keywords in your content that your clients would use in Google to find you? If you're a wedding photographer located in Cleveland, Ohio, mention the words 'wedding' 'photographer' 'Cleveland' and 'Ohio' as much as you can throughout your content... without sounding like a robot, of course.

#2 | Offer exclusive + Unique content

Nobody likes the same exact story from different storytellers. Regurgitated content is a big no-no. There are millions and millions of articles out on the Internet, so everyone is bound to talk about similar topics. However, no stealing. Be original and give YOUR learnings and YOUR perspective on what you're telling! Tell your website visitors information that comes straight from you and your business. Blogging is HUGE. If you don't have a blog, find a way to have one. Tell your customer stories. Share a bit about you. You DO have a story to tell, I promise. I want to hear it.

#3 | think about your end-user

Why did someone come upon your site? To hire you? To view your work? To learn more information about your services or products? Make your website easy to navigate for your end-user. Easy navigation is key to making sure your SEO is optimal and your customers do what you need them to do and what they came to your site to do!


What is your toughest challenge with SEO? Have you done anything for your site that has caused you to improve in your SEO rankings? 

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