Dr. Jessica Escott MA, PSYD | Squarespace Website Design

Squarespace Website Design | Dr. Jessica Escott MA, PSYD

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Escott MA, PSYD on her new website that launched with us! She is now fully launched online at www.drjessicaescott.com

Jessica came to me as a referral from one of my previous customers! She was looking for some assistance in launching a website that would showcase her expertise, credentials and a place for the people of New York City to easily find her contact information. 

Jessica is the first psychologist that we've had the opportunity to work with here at Home Sweet Hyatt Studios! When she showed me the list of the services she provides, I was absolutely floored. Her expertise is incredibly well-versed and just by talking to her over the phone, I could feel the passion that she had for the work she does each and every day.


  • Template Chosen:  Five
  • Why This Template:  We really wanted to showcase the BEAUTIFUL custom illustration on Jessica's home page. The Five template allowed for us to showcase this and also give the site the flow Jessica was looking for her customers to experience.
  • CSS Coding:  Tons! We used custom coding to input the contact form in the bottom of each page and allow it to have a separate background. We also customized the mobile version a bit to make sure the contact form showed completely and the illustration at the top was included. We also added coding in to make sure the mobile navigation menu didn't go over Jessica's logo.
  • Fonts Chosen:  Rosarivo

Thanks again for working with me on your brand new website, Jessica! Congratulations on all your incredible success!