Papermoon Creatives is LIVE + LAUNCHED on Squarespace!

Ready to see a Squarespace website that has been TOTALLY taken away from its template? Many people think that if they choose Squarespace, they "must" stick with the templates that they offer. To show you just how unique things can get, let me take you on a tour of the brand new website that launched for Papermoon Creatives.

Shannon Guild and Beth Brandt are the masterminds behind Papermoon Creatives. They are a multifaceted strategy + design studio whose genius lies in creating brands that people
fall in love with. These two are absolute creative geniuses. The raw talent that comes from each of them individually is astounding. Working with them together has been a dream. 

This website was brought about in a unique way. Actually, it was brought about in the same way that we design Squarespace websites for Papermoon's customers! Shannon, Beth, and I have partnered over the last few months for me to design Squarespace websites for their customers. It has been such a blessing, because not only have I learned more and more about their incredible design process, but I've gained two amazing friends along the way. Being able to take Shannon's powerful brand strategies, Beth's unique and breathtaking design mock-ups and morph it all in to a live website is something that truly feels like being a part of a dream team.

Shannon, Beth and I have launched a few other websites together, including Black Market Farm and Wanderlust Organics. Keep your eyes peeled because we have a few more in the works that may or may not make your jaw hit your keyboard. ;)


  • Website: Papermoon Creatives
  • Template Chosen: Avenue
  • Why This Template:  We loved the initial feel of this template because of how we wanted to display the portfolio for Papermoon Creatives. It was very intuitive, but we didn't use it as the main page, like on the template.
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! We got rid of the footer, widened the template, transformed the newsletter block, and made some small changes to mobile. 
  • Fonts Chosen:  Open Sans, Times

Shannon + Beth - I'm SO excited that we launched this one together. I still remember the day that Shannon called me and asked if I would take on the challenge of launching the new Papermoon Creatives website and I was incredibly honored... and still am. Thank you for trusting me not only with your customer work - but with YOUR work. You two continue to amaze me every single day and working with you both is an absolute dream.