Branded Styled Stock Photography: What Is It + See Ours!

Making investments in your business can be really scary. There have been a few investments I've made in Home Sweet Hyatt Studios that I just did not see the return on. Such is business life, right? Live and learn!

One thing I really struggled with for awhile with my own brand was how to make sure images I was using on my website, blog, and social media stayed consistent and cohesive. My business is very visual with website design; so how could I communicate someone else's brand with my own brand aesthetic?

After tons of research, including posting in one of my favorite groups on Facebook, Savvy Business Owners, I finally found my answer. 

Have you ever seen on Facebook or Instagram feeds where everything on a specific brand website looks SUPER cohesive? Where there are usually similarly colored notebooks, photos, laptops, desk items, and everything just looks very polished and professional? Also, when you see the photos, you instantly recognize what brand is behind it?

This is called branded styled stock photography! I made one of THE best business decisions to partner up with Jenn from Jennifer Kathryn Photography for mine in January 2017. It was SUCH a dream. It was like watching my brand get stepped up to the next level, right before my eyes. When I opened the first sneak peek photos, it felt like Christmas morning. There may or may not have been happy tears. Okay... there was. 

"The most compelling brand stories are authentic ones. When your brand imagery is purpose-focused and guided by your core values, you become irresistible to your dream clients. " - Jennifer Kathryn

Make your second-guessing stop when it comes to showing off your work on your blog in a beautiful and cohesive way and invest in this service. The photos are curated to you and your brand and NOT re-sold to anyone else. When I worked with Jenn, she walked me through a customized questionnaire, a Pinterest Board, and clarifying specifics for all of the photo sets. We talked in detail about items to include in the session. Since this session was completely personalized to me and my brand, I ordered a few items that I really wanted to showcase. During this process, Jenn provided me her expertise of what works really well and even things to avoid because of how the photo would be presented. I trusted her expertise the entire way and I'm SO glad I did. The end-result was something that just completely brought my vision to the next level. A level that I never thought would be able to be communicated visually for Home Sweet Hyatt Studios. 

Jenn not only made this process SUPER easy for me to go through but she also made it fun. I felt like someone finally understood my vision and didn't think I was completely nuts for having crazy patterns and neon colors as the main colors in my brand. I remember feeling this same way when I connected with Kelsey at Honey Side Up Creative for my branding. They both trusted and respected my vision for my business. They also provided their vision, expertise, and perspective that just took my vision far beyond what I ever dreamed possible.

I'm going to show you guys a few of the photos that Jenn provided me for Home Sweet Hyatt Studios and how I used them to date. And, I still have a ton more to choose from that she sent my way. The possibilities are endless!

Get branded styled stock photography added to your short-list of next investments for your business. Take on another client to allow yourself to invest in this service. Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. It's stepped my visual identity of Home Sweet Hyatt Studios up to the next level on my website, social media, and even newsletters/communications to my clients.

Thank you again, Jenn! You're the BEST!