Beth Escudero is LIVE and LAUNCHED with Squarespace!

Beth Escudero is someone that I was always hoping to meet along this web design journey. She is not only an INCREDIBLE photographer - but she's a Buckeyes fan! Go Bucks!

I remember telling my husband about Beth when we first exchanged emails. We had so many similarities that I knew I HAD to work with her on her brand and website. She and I both shared similar 9-5 gigs in the insurance industry, we were both HUGE Buckeyes fans, and Beth's volunteer work in the NICU hits so close to home.

Oh, and did I mention her portfolio is gorgeous!?

Beth really wanted her brand to stand out above the rest. She wanted to be in love with her website. It was to be clean, full of warmth... and FUN!

I've watched over the last few months how Beth has been able to take her portfolio to the next level. She's added in 'Births' to her portfolio and her work continues to blow me away. 

Beth - Thank you for allowing me to work with you AND for sending a few referrals my way. I loved every single minute of our email conversations and watching your beautiful and FUN new brand + website come to life. You'll be on our list of people to visit in Columbus this summer!

xoxo, Britt

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