Client Update: One Year Later with Christy McKee Photography


Today on the blog, we're bringing you one of our FAVORITE people on the planet. Her name is Christy McKee and she owns Christy McKee Photography out of Staunton, Virginia.

Christy was the FIRST EVER Home Sweet Honey Client! What does this mean, you ask? Christy was the first client to work with both Kelsey and I on our combined branding + website package back in November 2015.

Let's talk some history! Tell us about how + when you got started with photography
I first started photography in college as an elective before doing a semester abroad. I wanted to be able to really document everything I saw. My mom bought me a fully manual film camera which I still use on occasion. That trip was when I fell in love with photography. Fast forward about 14 years and I was having my first baby. I decided to update my hobby with some digital photography and digital editing courses at a local college and the next year I became a license photography business. I have been in business now for 5 years and am even more passionate about photography than I was traveling Europe with my brand new film camera! 

When + why did you decide it was time for a rebrand + new website design?
When I first started business I was photographing mostly kids and families. I was also unsure of what my style and my niche were at the time. Actually I was unaware that I needed one! When I shot my first wedding I knew that's where I belonged. I also started realizing how much I loved bold rich colors. My images became in sync with each other and I needed a way to convey that to potential clients. The website I had was decent and something I had done myself, but I wanted a website that had that WOW factor. A website that along with my branding showed who I am and what my images convey. I'm glad I waited until I really knew who I was as a photographer and had my own style and my niche!

Now, it's been about a year, but can you describe the experience of working with Kelsey (Honey Side Up Creative) on your branding?
It was much less stressful than I had thought. It was also much quicker than I thought. Since I was so ready to brand my business the work on my end was easy. I could answer the questions and deliver images to use for my site pretty fast because I didnt have to think about it, I already knew. 

Now, describe the experience(s) of working with Britt (Home Sweet Hyatt Studios) on your website design.
Oops, sort of answered that all together. I'll add that you were amazing at answering all my questions, giving me clear directions, giving me options and your opinion. Quick and efficient for sure! 

Going back in time a bit again! Where was your website hosted previously and what you love about using Squarespace now?
Zenfolio. It was nice but parts were not as user friendly as Squarespace. I like how I can easily edit things myself on Squarespace and their customer service has been excellent. 

Now, the fun part, the RESULTS! How has your business changed since rebranding + your website redesign!?
A huge change!! Within two days of my site going live in Jan 2016, I had multiple inquiries for weddings. And within a month I had booked about 5 weddings. I had ONE wedding the year! I ended up with 9 total for 2016 and several second shooting jobs. Then I saw another HUGE difference this year. By Dec 2016 my inquires had gone up to around 25, This time last year I had 3-4 inquiries (which was a big increase from 2014). As of Jan 2017 I have already booked the same number of weddings I did all of last year so ultimately I could see my business double in bookings again this year (it's more than doubled in contacts/inquiries). It's been amazing!! I also have a friend that has links to local businesses on her site and she said my link gets a high number of "clicks" and all they're seeing is logos no images so it's obviously sticking out to them. 

Christy McKee Photography | Honey Side Up Creative and Home Sweet Hyatt Studios

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