Five Key Areas on Your Website to Showcase Your Branding

Five Key Areas on Your Website to Showcase Your Branding | Home Sweet Hyatt Studios

If you're not familiar with what a brand is (it's more than just a logo and pretty colors!), make sure to download our FREE WORKBOOK called, "WTF is Branding!?" where we share our seven key elements to a successful brand.

Whether you branded yourself, you had the help of hiring other creative business owners, or a mix of both, it's important to make sure you're showcasing various elements of your brand on your website. This means using the same fonts identified at that time (2-3 max), consistent styles of those fonts (don't go crazy with the bold/italicize, various sizes), exact colors identified during branding, and any other aesthetic elements.

While the aesthetic of your brand is important, there is more to your brand than just that. 

Attracting your ideal clients and making sure your client experience is smooth sailing is key and especially well-represented on your website. Your voice being used throughout your website is incredibly important. Make sure your clients know it's YOU even before the aesthetic comes in to play, simply because they recognize your voice through your website copy. Talk on your website like you'd talk to your clients in person.

Have you ever heard about when one of your senses is taken away, your other senses strengthen to accommodate? Do an exercise with me today and do that same thing for your brand. Take away your voice in your copy; will people recognize it's YOU by the aesthetic? Now, take away your aesthetic; will those people still recognize you by the voice in your copy?

Now, let's chat about where your brand can be REALLY showcased on your website. 

1.  Add a Newsletter Block - Have a freebie or looking to grow your mailing list for future promotions and launches? It's a great way to build confidence in your business to your prospective clients! Add a newsletter block on your website to captured those email addresses! Make sure the wording is swapped out to reflect your voice and add some color to the block. More specifically, use an exact color from your color palette for your brand. Here's an example from one of our clients, Get Wedding Savvy! They have their newsletter block right at the bottom of their page!

2.  Enhance Your About Page - About Pages are my FAVORITE pages on websites I build and design. I not only love reading about each and every one of my clients, but I love knowing that this page is their connection to their clients. Your About Page should not only talk all about you, but about how you can help your client. Make sure your About Page also includes a professional head shot (not a selfie!) that is similar to the feel of your brand. If you're a photographer, get a photo of you with your camera in-hand. If you're an event planner, get a photo of you as you're planning your next event! And, remember, your About Page should have your voice all over it.. When you talk on your website, it should be how you talk to your client when you're in-person or on the phone with them. Ready for a beautiful example of this? Check out Jessica Smith from JesSmith Designs! When I designed this site for her and read her copy, mixed with the aesthetic of her brand, it was PERFECT.

3. Bring In Your Instagram Feed - Did you know you can add your Instagram feed to your website? AND, it will automatically update? It's a great way to bring in more of your brand aesthetic via social media and connect people to your social media for a follow! You can also add a bit of verbiage above the feed to bring your voice into it! Flavi Huff Photography does a great job of doing this on her website. I can tell, even by the little blurb, that this was Flavi's voice when I talked to her on the phone during the design process of her website!

4. Add Unique Brand Design Elements - When your brand is defined from an aesthetic perspective, I encourage you to pull out a specific element that you can use in a subtle way that people will begin to recognize. For example, Lindsay at 1783 Photography uses a leaf element defined in her branding through her website on her headers and in her logo. Her work is elegant, light and airy, and the subtle addition of the leaf elements allows Lindsay's clients to continue to feel the cohesiveness that her portfolio brings about already, but in a unique way.

5.  Define + Add Your Mission Statement - Do you have a mission statement defined for your business? If not, follow the WTF is Branding!? Workbook to figure out how to define one. Your mission statement is SO important to include, as it sets the foundation of who you are, what you do, and who you do it for right there for your clients to read and understand. Making it clear as day on your website will immediately allow your clients to build trust in what you do. An incredible example of this is Bethany at Bethany Melvin Photography. Her home page has her mission statement, along with an easy way for her clients to tap into the various specialties she offers.

Trying to figure out how to bring your brand into your website? Sign up for one of our brand + website consultations for only $100! We'll give you a 10-20 minute recorded video consult, along with everything written out step-by-step, with advice on how to showcase your brand.