Heather Mills Photography is LIVE + LAUNCHED with Squarespace!

Heather Mills Photography is now officially live on Squarespace!

When Heather reached out to me for a new website, she wanted to make sure she had two things more than anything else: Good SEO and a great website design.

Bring in the awesomeness that is Squarespace and we were able to accomplish both! We also talked about how easy it is to create and manage a blog on Squarespace, as Heather documents so many of her sessions in beautiful detail in her blog. She also wanted to make sure people stayed on her website as long as possible - and ultimately book!

We took a unique approach with Heather's website in that we didn't include a contact page. Say what?! But, here's what we did! We actually brought a contact form in to each and every page. Each page has a consistent workflow - each ending with a contact page at the bottom. It's cohesive, it's elegant, and very user-friendly to her clients.


  • Website: Heather Mills Photography
  • Template Chosen: Fulton
  • Why This Template:  We wanted to show off the BEAUTIFUL statement image on the home page and also have gallery slideshows that touched on both sides of the website.
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! We hid some of the meta tags on the blog, made the background color on the galleries white, added lines above/below the navigation menu, and changed the width of the website for more emphasis.
  • Fonts Chosen:  Raleway, King's Caslon Display

Heather - I am SO excited to launch this website with you. Your work is absolutely exquisite and I'm so excited to watch your business continue to grow!