How to Grant Permissions in Squarespace (+ What the Heck They Mean!)

If you're looking to have someone help you with your website, whether it be your website design, a store manager, or even blogging, but you're not comfortable giving out your login information - fear not! I'm about to share the secret of granting permissions in Squarespace!

Keep in mind, if you have a cover plan or personal plan with Squarespace, you can only add one additional contributor. For any other plans, you can add unlimited contributors.

Here's the simple step-by-step of adding new contributors in Squarespace:

  1.  From the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Permissions
  2.  Click Invite Contributor
  3.  Add in the Name and Email Address and the Permission Level
  4.  Click Save to send an email to your contributor

Now, you're probably staring at the permission levels trying to figure out what's what. Again, fear not, I've got you covered.

Here's a quick overview of what each permission level means in Squarespace:

  • Administration - That's you, the site owner. If you are hiring a website designer, provide them with this permission, too!
  • Billing - If you have a Virtual Assistant that is managing your billing for you, they can retrieve invoices and update billing information with this permission. That's it!
  • Comment Moderator - If you have someone that is managing your blog comments, maybe a VA or a community manager, this is the permission for them! They'll be able to open the comments panel, mark comments as spam, and reply to comments. They will not be able to do anything else that is not related to comments.
  • Content Editor - Looking for someone to help with your blog? This permission is perfect. This will allow your contributor to add to your blog, make edits to pages, but not add/remove pages or change the design of your site.
  • Store Manager - If you have someone helping with managing your store products, this permission will allow them to view orders, payment activity, accounting, donations, and inventory. They can also open page settings and edit existing pages. They won't be able to add/remove/reorder pages or manage payment options/shipping/taxes/discount panels. 
  • Trusted Commenter - Have some important VIPs that are helping to keep your blog comments and conversation going? Grant them these permissions to allow them to go around having to be approved for their comments.

Don't forget to check out our FREE Squarespace SEO Guide to make sure your website is playing nice with Google! And, now you'll know which permissions to grant if you hire someone help you out with it... pssst, go for Administrator.  ;)

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