Kristen Clark Photography is Now LIVE + LAUNCHED on Squarespace!

Kristen Clark Photography | New Website Launch!

As a website designer, I have the awesome opportunity to work with creative business owners from across the world. I find it so awesome to be from Cleveland, but to have clients in Chicago, Albuquerque, San Diego, Melbourne, Alberta, and even right here in my home state of Ohio.

The owner of this incredible photography studio for our launch today comes from Columbus, Ohio, only 2 1/2 hours from me here in Cleveland! Columbus has such a supportive creative community (looking at you, Amanda, Beth, and Kristin!), so finding her from the recommendations in their TuesdaysTogether - Columbus Facebook group was such a blessing. I want to introduce you all to the owner of the newest Home Sweet Hyatt Studios website launch:  Kristen Clark of Kristen Clark Photography!

Kristen reached out to me looking for a new website to continue to grow her business. She wanted to attract new parents, specifically mothers, who love beautiful images and see the value in photography. With one glance at Kristen's portfolio, you'll instantly see the beautiful galleries she provides to her clients. From newborns, to maternity, to babies and children, and families, Kristen provides it all and loves both meeting new clients and growing relationships with her current clients.

Kristen purchased our Home Sweet Home Package, since she already had branding elements designed previously. We wanted to make sure her website showcased large galleries, was simple to browse, and had enough information for her clients to feel 100% ready to book!


  • Website: Kristen Clark Photography
  • Template Chosen: Native
  • Why This Template:  We wanted to showcase Kristen's portfolio in a large gallery on the home page. We also wanted to keep some white space, so the page didn't feel too overwhelming with a gallery that was "too" large.
  • CSS Coding:  Holy moly, yes! We added in custom coding for the hearts in the navigation menu, the entire navigation to be styled the way that it is, borders around the gallery images, borders around the image cards on the session page, we optimized mobile by making sure the slideshow thumbnails weren't too big, and installed a custom font! Can you tell custom code is our favorite thing to do?! :)
  • Fonts Chosen:  Jenna Sue, Futura PT, Poppins

Kristen - Our first conversations started around the excitement you had for taking your kiddos to Disney World. I'm going to go ahead and say a new website launch for your business is maybe not AS exciting as Disney (because, I can't compete with Mickey) but it's still pretty freakin' exciting. ;) I'm SO excited to have you in my favorite group of Columbus clients and you should be so proud of yourself for this new website launch and the next step in your business!

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