Laura Ball is Now LIVE + LAUNCHED on Squarespace!

Squarespace Website Launch | Laura Ball - Facebook Strategist | Home Sweet Hyatt Studios

The time has come. Someone who has branding JUST as bold as Home Sweet Hyatt Studios! WOOHOO! Let me introduce you to your new favorite Facebook expert, Laura Ball!

Laura originally started working with me to simply improve her current Squarespace website and find some new stock images that just felt better than what she had previously. As we started working together, we started leaning more and more towards a bold color palette. Finally, when designing her new website, I threw out the colors of purple, navy, orange, and yellow all at once. Which, normally, I would never, ever do.... but for some reason with Laura, it just felt right. And, it was. She LOVED it.

As we started revamping things for Laura, she expressed the need for a new logo. Of course, we brought in the incredible Kelsey Christine at Honey Side Up Creative to design a logo and a brand board that Laura LOVED. See the new logo and the fun squiggles on Laura's website? Super kudos to Kelsey for those!

You know how I always tell you guys that sometimes projects don't go as planned? Well, usually Kelsey works on a brand and logo design first, then I swoop in from a website perspective. This time, we did it a bit backwards unexpectedly. Sometimes when going through the journey of re-designing a website, new ideas and fun ideas and fresh ideas start making their way in. And, when you didn't initially go in to the project thinking about a full re-brand and launch of a new name, a new logo, a new brand, new services, etc.... sometimes, it happens! We made it work for Laura and we are LOVING the end result. 


  • Website: Laura Ball - Facebook Ad Strategist
  • Template Chosen: Alex
  • Why This Template:  We all fell in love with the parallax scrolling. While we've used it before in website designs, it just felt like it really worked with Laura's bold and fun branding/colors + her images + copy. It flowed really well - better than other templates we tried!
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! We made the header a bit bigger to show off Laura's new logo. We also shortened up the footer because it was a little too big based on the design we had going. We also expanded the width of the website and changed each heading to its own color.
  • Fonts Chosen:  Open Sans, Brandon Grotesque

Laura - I've had SO much fun working with you! This is my first website design for a social media strategist, let alone someone who is SO knowledgeable in Facebook Ads. I'm so excited to watch how your business continues to grow and how you continue to expand your new fun, fresh, and modern brand!