Life as a Creative Business Owner: From A to Z

Life as a Creative Business Owner: From A to Z | Home Sweet Hyatt Studios

Are you ready to read a blog post that'll make you smile!? This one is all in good fun.

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the life of a creative entrepreneur? There are so many tools I use, so many things I couldn't live without, and different factors that go in to my day-to-day life.

Also, some useless facts. Enjoy!

  • A - Adobe. As much as their customer service is a total flop (don't write hate letters, they totally have #stinkstankstunk when I've talked to them) their products are pretty freakin' awesome. I couldn't live without their products when designing unique and fun websites for my customers. I have Photoshop open 100% of the time. Illustrator and InDesign are a close second for any other fun projects I'm working on!
  • B - Blogging. Did you know that blogging can be SUPER essential to your SEO? Now that you do, get to it!  I totally love blogging. I especially love blogging about new website launches for my customers to help them celebrate their launch. But, I can only blog in the morning or late at night. Kicking out a blog post with awesome content in the middle of the day is totally not my thing. Like, right now? Writing this in the way early morning at Starbucks. ;)
  • C - Coca-Cola. Every single lunch includes a coke. It's a little caffeine boost to kick me in to the afternoon and something to look forward to when I'm eating my gross lean cuisines. And, yes, I'm aware that they can clean an entire car motor or whatever stupid thing was on YouTube. It makes me happy and gives me lunchtime hope. #wompwompwomp
  • D - Dubsado. Where would I be without it!? Nowhere fast, that's for sure. Dubsado handles all my client communication, questionnaires, contracts, bookkeeping, and all the biz magic behind-the-scenes at Home Sweet Hyatt Studios. They also have INCREDIBLE customer service and their team is unstoppable. You can sign up for a trial with up to THREE clients and no time limit! You can sign up for it with my code to get 20% off, too! Just enter 'homesweethyatt' when you upgrade your trial.
  • E - Elvis. Yes, Mr. Presley himself. I absolutely adore Elvis Presley. I always have - even as a kid. My room at my parents is still decorated with Elvis wallpaper! I carried a guitar shaped purse for years, even at my corporate job at a Fortune 100 company. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than hearing that voice. Jason and I saw the Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas of Elvis on Honeymoon and it was incredible!
  • F - FRIENDS. Nope, not those nice people in my life. I'm talking Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe. Anytime I need something different than my Spotify playing, Netflix is my best friend and has my six favorite TV people ready to make me laugh.
  • G - Goal Planning. I'm a BIG goal planner. Heck, Kelsey and I have a "#dailygoals" and "#loftygoals" channel on Slack! 
  • H - Honey Side Up Creative. Speaking of Kelsey, the incredible Kelsey Christine lives over at Honey Side Up Creative! She does all the branding and logo design work for my web design clients. If you haven't heard of her yet, go check out her website. We may or may not know the biz that designed it.  ;)
  • I - Indians. Cleveland Indians, that is! Once springtime hits, I guarantee that you'll find my husband and I at Progressive Field multiple times a month. I've loved baseball since I was a kid and have so many memories at Progressive Field. There's nothing like a summer night full of baseball, junk food, and fireworks.
  • J - Jason + Justin. My two heroes. Jason is my husband of almost 5 years and Justin is my son of 3 years! I don't know what I'd do without these two walking in the door every day at 5PM. They are truly my life. <3
  • K - King Bed. We just got one. I'm in love with it. I'm probably more in love with the fact that the mattress doesn't make me feel like an old lady when I get up in the morning anymore. Or the fact that I don't always feel a three year old's feet in my face now when he sneaks in at 5AM. I haven't been able to embrace the whole "work from bed" thing with this bed (yet) because it's SO comfortable that I'm afraid I'd just fall asleep. I'm a napper, it's what I do.
  • L - Later. It's where I schedule ALL my Instagram posts! I love being able to sit down on my desktop and thoughtfully write out each and every post, but have everything scheduled out for a few days. SO easy and SO free
  • M - Michael Buble. I literally have three playlists on Spotify that are just him. Plus, other playlists that have him mixed in them. There's nothing like hearing some of my old favorites sung by him. And... he's not too hard on the eyes, either.  #swoon
  • N - Nashville. Not the city, although I'm totally in if you wanna go. This TV show has been my favorite show for the last few years. Which is totally bizarre because I normally don't go for TV shows that are serious with drama. I despise country music, but I've been in love with this show since day one. #heydeaconclaybourne (Shame on you, ABC, for canceling it... and yay for CMT for picking it back up!)
  • O - Organization. This is HUGE when you're managing your own business. I learned the hard way in the beginning that if I didn't have my sh*t together, in the literal and figurative sense, that I would be a hot mess... and so would my business. My organization is a combination of a printer, actual file folders for receipts/expenses, Dubsado, Desk Calendar, and setting my daily goals in Slack with Kelsey. It all works together to keep me on track!
  • P - Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest. Where would I be without you!? Nowhere fast, that's for sure. Anytime I need a little design inspiration, I turn to Pinterest. I actually just went through a Pinterest course here that TOTALLY revamped my Pinterest game! I was AWFUL at using it for my business and now I feel like I'm finally confident in what I'm publishing. Also, Pinterest is the perfect app to try to get dinner situated with random stuff in my cupboard 20 minutes before the boys get home. It works for everything, really.
  • Q - Questionnaire. This is something that is so essential to my website design process at Home Sweet Hyatt Studios. Helping my customer to figure out exactly what they want on their website and learning more about what's truly important to them is so important to me. It helps to make sure we're on the same page and gets us that much closer on a website that they love!
  • R - Rising Tide Society. This is where my business started! I joined the group when they had around 200 members (now they're up to I think 52K!?) and it's a wonderful place for creative business owners to network with each other! It's also where I found the incredible Kelsey Christine at Honey Side Up!
  • S - Slack. I don't know where I'd be without my Slack chats with Kelsey! We have different channels set up to talk about personal things, marketing goals, our blogs, lofty goals, and everything in-between!
  • T - Tall Caramel Macchiato with Skim. Yep, I'm a froo-froo coffee drinker and I'm not ashamed. Pair this with a Bacon Gouda and Egg sandwich at Starbucks and I'll be the happiest gal on the planet. I'm drinking one now and... ahhh. SO good!
  • U - UberConference. This is a FREE service that I use for all my scheduled conference calls. You can share your screen, call in by phone or by your computer microphone, get a reminder text, add it to your calendar, and the quality has been incredible.
  • V - Vegas. Not only the place that I went on my Honeymoon with Jason, but the place that Kelsey Christine and I are going to have our first roadtrip to in March! Oh, and to see the Backstreet Boys. #nobigdeal #totallybigdeal #holymoly
  • W - Website Design. Duh, this is what I do day in, day out. ;) I've been doing website design for about 15 years. I know I just aged myself, but I vividly remember doing website design in the computer room when I was in high school at my childhood home. I went to college for Web Content Development and then later for Communications. It all worked together to help form Home Sweet Hyatt Studios!
  • X - My favorite Ed Sheeran album. Jason and I saw him live about a year ago and I was absolutely floored. What an incredible talent he is AND I've NEVER seen a crowd that big in my life. If you haven't had a chance to see one of his live shows, find a way to get to one. You won't regret it.
  • Y - Yellow Jackets. I'm allergic. Way allergic. Epipen allergic. I hate them. They're mean. The end.  :)
  • Z - Zzz. I'm a total sucker for napping. I totally regret being a jerk to naps when I was a kid because I clearly didn't see the desperate need I would have for them when I was an adult. While I don't allow myself to nap during the workday, you better believe I'm joining my three year old in his naps on the weekends.

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