Squarespace NEW FEATURES Roundup: What's New in Squarespace!?

Working in a platform like Squarespace has been such a blessing for not only my business, but for my clients and their businesses. It's secure, easy to blog, and super simple to update text and images for portfolios.

If you want to read about our top five reasons why Squarespace is incredible for small businesses, check out that post here!

Squarespace does an incredible job listening to the feedback from their users to work them in to future updates. They have a team of awesome people, a few that I've talked to over the phone to provide my own clients' feedback, that are truly listening to clients in order to implement features to make our day-to-day lives so much easier and efficient.


Here's a round-up of a few of the latest + greatest features we love:

1. Image Block Types (Image Block 2.0!):
I cannot get over this super fun feature that Squarespace announced recently. Before Image Block 2.0, the custom coding that I would add in for image captions to look awesome was pretty extensive. Now, there are SIX different ways to display image captions:  Poster (displays the text right over your image), Overlap (one of my favorites - text partially overlaps image on one side), Card (moves the text next to the image), Collage (my super-duper-uber favorite), Stack (places text below image). Each of these styles allow for more editing in the Style Editor for the fonts, colors, styles of each image block type. AND, in addition to this, I've taken advantage of adding custom CSS code to my client sites to take them to even the next level. You can see an example of the collage block type on one of our recent website launches here!

2.  Integration with PayPal for E-Commerce:  
We made a blog post about this feature here. This has since been taken out of beta and fully launched live! We love that Squarespace allow sfor multiple ways for clients to make payments, especially for our e-commerce clients. 

3. Domain Purchasing with Squarespace + Transferring in to Squarespace:
This may not feel like a big deal if you're not a designer, but this has made lives so much easier on my clients. Previously, we've had to take a domain name (www.whatever.com) and keep it where it was purchased originally (GoDaddy, Wordpress, etc.), and point the technical records to "connect" it to Squarespace. Essentially, instead of transferring everything in to one spot for the domain, we were bridging that connection and keeping the domain where it was originally registered. Now, my clients can purchase or transfer their domain in to Squarespace and manage everything all in one spot. SO much easier to manage!

4. Acuity Scheduling Block in Squarespace!
I'm not one to brag... but because of Squarespace, I have a nice new way for my clients to book time with me WITHOUT me paying a monthly fee. Thanks to Squarespace's new partnership with Acuity Scheduling, I have their Emerging Entrepreneur plan for free ($10 a month normally) and my clients are able to easily book time with me for consulting sessions. I simply set my availability, the types of sessions I can book, and voila! Read more information on all of this here!

5. Undo/Redo Feature on Style Editor:
Do you get crazy when playing around with styles in the Style Editor, like me? Well, here comes something that will save your web life:  the undo/redo feature in the Style Editor! Right at the top of the Style Editor, you'll see undo and redo icons. Simply use these to change out anything you've done or need re-done! 

Get a sneak peek below at just how crazy I can get in the Style Editor when building a new website. ;)



Do you have a favorite Squarespace feature?!
Share in the comments below or email me and I'd LOVE to feature you in an upcoming blog post!