Studio Belle Photography is Now LIVE + LAUNCHED with Squarespace!

It's Friday! And, what better way to celebrate Friday than to launch a new website!? Especially this one. Holy moly, wait until you all see the work from the amazing Minh Doan-Lin of Studio Belle Photography

Minh contacted me a few weeks back after seeing recommendations on The Rising Tide Society. She was looking to take her business to the next level by having her website designed to show off her growing portfolio. She also wanted to make sure SEO was addressed, too (as it ALWAYS should be when working with a website designer!) And, it was even her New Years Resolution! We're all about making business wishes come true.  ;)

When I began the design of this website, I kept in mind Minh's wishes of having her portfolio pop off the page. As soon as I looked through her portfolio, I instantly knew why. Minh's work is full of beautiful, rich colors. These images feel imaginative, creative, and full of life. I knew exactly what Minh meant by keeping everything else black and white, because any other color added to her website would instantly clash. By keeping everything black and white, and fairly simple from an aesthetic perspective, Minh's customer would instantly be drawn to any images on her website. And after the design was complete, this rang true instantly. 

While Minh's website is very easy to navigate, we built in some fun features like featuring blog posts on the home page. We also added some fun little elements, like the spacers in the navigation menu and brought the font from her logo into the website design sporadically.


  • Website: Studio Belle Photography
  • Template Chosen: Montauk 
  • Why This Template:  I knew Minh wanted a website design that was very easy for her customers to use. Very straightforward and easy to navigate. This template is very popular among photographers because it's very clean to start with!
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! We changed the width of the site and added in the navigation spacers. We also added the custom font from Minh's logo into the site!
  • Fonts Chosen:  Bougenville, Mrs Eaves XL Serif, Merriweather

Minh - I'm so incredibly honored to have worked on this website with you. Your work is absolutely exceptional and I'm so excited to watch and your business goes to the next level with your brand new website. You are so sweet, so gracious, and every single email of yours made me smile. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you and to launch your beautiful portfolio to the world! <3