Wedding Savvy Inc is LIVE + LAUNCHED on Squarespace!


It's time to show off the GORGEOUS new website for Wedding Savvy Inc!

Raquel Shutt has been in the wedding and event planning + consulting business since 2002. When I began talking to her a few weeks back, I was absolutely blown away by her expertise and the way she spoke about her business. 

Wedding Savvy Inc. believes wholeheartedly that their customer is the number one priority. Always. Their professionalism and strive to keep their customer happy is something that absolutely sets them apart from many businesses, especially one as involved as the wedding industry. I didn't just hear this from Raquel and her team, but I experienced this as someone working with them on representing their brand in a professional and beautiful way on their website. 

From my initial contact with Raquel, I knew that I was talking to someone who absolutely LOVES her job and the people she works with every day. I could feel the happiness in her voice over the phone and the pride she had in her business. When I worked with her team on some of the website specifics, each of these women were incredibly professional and took such pride in their roles. I could feel the connection they had with their jobs and how much they truly enjoy what they do. 

When designing this website, I knew that Raquel and her team loved the idea of larger images and a very professional look. We also brought in black, white, and hints of blue and purple for their brand! It truly brought about an elegant, professional, high-end feel that the Wedding Savvy Team exemplifies.


  • Website: Wedding Savvy Inc
  • Template Chosen: Fulton
  • Why This Template:  The WSI Team was looking to show off their BEAUTIFUL work in large, statement images. The Fulton template also is one of my favorites to have a slider gallery of images right out of the box!
  • CSS Coding:  Yes! The headlines have a pop of color, thanks to some HTML code. I also added in some coding for the testimonials to automatically slide, format the newsletter block a bit, and to bump things up a notch on mobile.
  • Fonts Chosen:  Brandon Grotesque, Sorts Mill Goudy, Europa

Raquel - You and your team are beyond incredible. The hard work, the dedication, and truly seeing the importance of a strong brand that you love is going to make you fall in love with your business even more than you already are today. I had SUCH a blast working with you all and am so excited to stay connected with you. <3

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