Why We Offer Brand + Website Consultations (+ Why You Should Get One!)

Why I Offer Website Consultations | Home Sweet Hyatt Studios

If you're in the boat of feeling "meh" about your website, this post is for you.

We've had so many creative business owners come to us over the last two years telling us that they're just not in love with their website. Either they DIYed it and just couldn't figure out what it was missing, they hired someone a year or two ago and their business has morphed into something their website just doesn't reflect any longer, or they just need an extra set of eyes on their website to make sure everything makes sense. 

Because of this, in our hearts, we didn't feel it was right to "pitch" them on investing in a brand new website, just because that's what our services offered. Maybe they didn't yet have the budget or that just wasn't what they were looking for. They needed confidence in their brand + website and the roadmap to get them there.

Kelsey Christine at Honey Side Up and I have tag-teamed up and have started offering branding + website consultations for $100. In each of these consultations, we record a 10-20 minute video where we walk through the entire website, record our recommendations, and show the website on the video as we walk through it. The recommendations span from content placement, to content tone, site structure, SEO best practices, and overall branding. Each of these recommendations are provided in the video and also in an email to the client, bulleted, step-by-step. From there, we've had clients either take care of some of those items themselves or hire us hourly to complete it for them!

So, why should you get a website consultation? When do you know it's the right time? How do you know that it's right for you? After reviewing my previous website consultation clients and their "why" for their website consultation, here's why they did it:

1.  New DIY Website About to Launch - One of the best things about creative business owners is right in their title; they're creative! Many business owners design their website themselves, especially in the first few months of business. We all have to save money and spend wisely, especially in the beginning. Before you hit publish, it's a great idea to have a neutral expert review everything to provide actionable feedback. This is especially helpful if your ideal website client is not a creative business owner!

2.  Client Inquiries Are Low + Questions Are High - If you're not seeing as many inquiries as you'd like, or your clients are asking you every question in the book about your services, it's time to see how you can address that on your website. If your prospective clients feel overwhelmed and can't easily navigate your website, they'll either leave or ask you tons of questions. Make your job easier by making their experience that much better!

3.  Website Created Years Ago +  Never Updated - If you hired a designer a few years back, but you're not sure how to update your website, listen up. You should always, always, always know how to update the content on your website. As prices change, your services change, processes change, even if your portfolio changes, you need to make sure that stays up to date. Make sure the best of the best of the BEST of your work is showcased, always.

4.  Not Attracting Ideal Client - Let's say right now, you're looking to book higher-budget clients. Maybe you want to up your pricing, but you're scared to do it. But, your inquiries that you are getting, if any, are only people on a very limited budget. I've had clients come to me telling me that this is the case for their business and they couldn't figure out why, other than it "had to be their portfolio was bad". That's not necessarily true or even close to it. It could be the presentation of your portfolio, how it looks on mobile, how your services are outlined, how your copy reads, it could be SO MANY THINGS. Let's attract your ideal client that has not only the budget for your services, but the trust and confidence in you to deliver.'

5.  You're Just Not Feeling It - There's no other way to say this, really. You have a website, no matter how it got there, and you have some inquiries, and things are "fine". But... YOU are not in love with it. You may even be attracting clients, but you're feeling yourself fall out of love with your business, and you can't quite figure out why. Let's figure this out together. Keep in mind, this is also a very common reason for not just a website overhaul, but a new brand. You should never fall out of love with your business.

So, what's next!? If you fall in to any of those five descriptors, let's chat about a brand + website consultation. We'll provide you with a 10-20 minute video consultation and step-by-step written out recommendations about your brand + website.