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Never give up your daydream.

You're ready to launch your business to the world. You want so badly to take the leap from your 9-5 gig and show off your beautiful portfolio. You want a website that is unique to your look + brand, stands out from the rest and is easy for you to update as your business expands.

Home Sweet Hyatt Studios designs visually stunning and user-friendly Squarespace websites for creative businesses to set them apart from their competition and show off their beautiful portfolio of work.

Sit Back and Relax...

The thought of handing over your business to someone to design a brand new, custom-designed website sounds a little scary, right? How will I understand your vision? How will I make sure to deliver a professional, beautiful website that matches what you want to scream from the rooftops? 

My design process is made to make sure that you're not only comfortable during this entire experience of working with me, but that you're excited to launch your brand new website. We'll do check-ins to make sure that our visions align and also to give you a sneak peek along the way!

  • Working with Britt from start to finish was a dream! She truly creates an experience with her clients as her #1 priority! I wanted a Squarespace redesign to pair with new branding (yay to Honey Side Up Creative, too!), and Britt was the perfect website designer for the job... She was meticulous, prompt, organized, and focused on my vision even when I couldn't fully grasp what it was. Britt is a rockstar at what she does, and I am SO thankful for her!
    — XO, Kara (www.karaevansphotographer.com)
  • This girl blew up my branding and I am freaking out over how wonderful it all is. Logo, website, this lady will set you up!
    — Kim Nelson (www.kimandkelleyphotography.com)
  • I found Britt Hyatt from a facebook forum among many, many, MANY other suggestions. I reviewed tens of designers and webpages and I kept coming back to Britt for her web style, her experience with squarespace, and her proactive approach to understanding clients' needs. Britt did so flawlessly. Through the questions she asked, through her development and feedback process - she really nailed it. As an MBA and Wedding planner, I simply LOVE organized people who have a vision and know how to execute it. The best part was that she didn't push her vision on me -- rather she helped me clearly see mine and found a way for me to share it with the world. Thank you Britt - you are truly fantastic!
    — Raquel (www.weddingsavvyinc.com)