Take a look at some information I've put together for you around Squarespace! I'm not paid in any way, shape or form from Squarespace. This is all pure Squarespace love for making my design world and my customers' business world SO much better in so many ways.


+ What is Squarespace?

Every website has a platform to "store" all its data and to help make that website unique. When you type "www.yourwebsite.com", all of that information you see from images, to content, to blogs, to stores is all hosted on a website platform.

Squarespace is a platform where you can host your website! It allows creative individuals (like you!) to have one central place to maintain your website, blog, and e-store.

+ What does Squarespace offer my business?

There are MANY reasons I provide my customers as to why I love Squarespace for my own business. Here are just a few!:

  • Cost-effective for small businesses: Plans start at $12/month for yearly plans and $16/month for month-to-month plans. This INCLUDES the option to have a blog. It also now includes the option of having an online storefront!

  • Mobile responsive: When your website is created, your mobile website is created at the same time. This is a HUGE time-saver and future headache-saver for you in the future. Who wants to maintain multiple websites to make it work on your desktop and mobile!? With Squarespace, this is all created when your desktop version is created.

  • Super quick support: Squarespace has an INCREDIBLE support team. If you reach out to them for a question, they have live chat during specific hours and a super quick email response otherwise.

  • Easy to maintain: Squarespace is made to be easy to maintain! After your website design is complete, I will provide you 1:1 training and resources to make sure you're comfortable managing your website content after your launch.

+ How much does Squarespace cost?

Plans start at $12/month for yearly plans and $16/month for month-to-month plans. This INCLUDES the option to have a blog AND an online store! There are multiple e-commerce options, as well. You and I can work together to see which package fits best with the needs of your business!

Squarespace costs are separate from your design costs with me. I will ask you to sign up for Squarespace when you sign up with Home Sweet Hyatt Studios and provide me with administrative access to design your website. From there, we will launch your site together and Squarespace will be where your website stays put with you! No worries, I'll make sure you're 100% comfortable with managing your blog and simple website changes you may make in the future.

+ Will Home Sweet Hyatt Studios design on any other platform?

I will not design in any other platform than Squarespace. I love being the expert in my field - and Squarespace is a major part of that!

I've been in the design industry for years; I even have a degree in Web Content Development. I've worked with everything from Wordpress, to Wix, to building hand-coded websites. When I stumbled upon Squarespace, I truly fell in love with web design all over again.

I strongly recommend Squarespace to anyone building a website for their business for so many reasons. My main reason - my customers feel ready and excited to work with it throughout the life of their business. Nobody wants to go into custom code to make changes and potentially break their site. Nobody wants to constantly have to make upgrades to their website platform or plug-ins to hope that their website continues to look the same.

If you have questions on whether Squarespace is right for your business, let's chat!


For more information about Squarespace, you can visit their website here!