Are you overwhelmed with the amount of website designers that there are to choose from? If you found me from a Facebook Group, your post probably got flooded with 100+ other designers out there. No worries, I'm here to help!

I want you to know a bit more about me to understand my background and how I can truly help you get from start to finish with your website. It's more than an aesthetic, it's more than piecing together bits and pieces of content. It's about making sure you have a website that converts to sales and income so you can continue living your dream.

Now, here are a few things that I want you to know about me and how I can help you!

1. 15+ years of website design experience

I've been designing websites since I was in high school. My parents used to have to hang up a chart and time limit me on the computer. I started with coding AOL profiles (stop it, I'm old), went to custom designing MySpace profiles for musicians (stop it, I'm old again), then went into coding and designing websites from scratch. It was me, Notepad, Paint Shop Pro, and Adobe Dreamweaver. And lots and lots of Pepsi to keep me going.

What does this mean for you? It means that I've seen design trends come and go. I've learned best practices and BIG no-nos to avoid along the way. I will guide you to make sure you and I make the best decisions for your website in order to make sure you not only love it, but your clients love it, too.  I also have the coding knowledge to take things outside the "typical" Squarespace look. My goal is always to design a beautiful, user-friendly website to show off your brand and portfolio.

2. Customer service + project management expertise

I've worked in client service jobs my entire life. My most recent 9-5 jobs included being a Business Systems Consultant for a Fortune 500 company and a Project Manager at a start-up business. My experience in both of these positions helped me to recognize scopes of projects, identifying project risk, and communication best practices with customers.

What does this mean for you? You can expect communication from me and complete, 100% transparency. You'll always know where we're at in the project at all times. I will never, ever leave you wondering what's next or when you can expect to hear from me next. I will also be up front with you if the project is going out of our initial discussions to avoid going down the dark road of "what were we doing in the first place?!"

3. Degrees in Web Development + Communications

And, yes, I have the student loans to prove it! I've been serious about this web design thing for a LONG time now. This isn't something I just picked up after a day of Googling. I've learned the ins and outs of many design platforms and ways to communicate most effectively with my customers.

What does this mean for you? I want your project to be successful because I've worked my butt off to get my own business to this level. I have the knowledge, the background and the full seriousness in my biz to be up front with you at all times. You can also expect an incredible process of working with me that includes a project timeline, prompt communication and a few fun surprises along the way.  ;)

4. 30+ Squarespace sites launched to date!

Squarespace and I have become FAST friends over the last few years. I'm even a part of the Squarespace Circle, a group of Squarespace designers hand-picked by Squarespace. I specialize in Squarespace and while I may dabble here and there in projects in other platforms, I only take on projects for my clients in Squarespace. It's what makes my heart (and my clients) most happy long-term.

What does this mean for you? My customers always come first. When I chose the platform I would specialize in, I researched up, down, left and right to find the one that was the easiest for my customers to maintain after my design work was complete. I didn't want them to have outdated sites because they didn't know how to upload galleries or change out pricing information. You can also expect a website that is responsive to any device you're on; desktop, mobile and even tablet!

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